New Merch! Hoodies and Mugs!

By Ron Williams on

New merch is now live! You can buy hoodies and mugs and help support Redox development! All proceeds that come to us go directly into our development budget.

If you would rather just donate to Redox directly, we have Patreon and Donorbox, or check out our Donate Page for more options.

Coffee Mug!

Presenting the awesome new Redox coffee mug! Approximately $8 from the sale of each mug goes to Redox to help us fund development. Here’s the mugshot, click to go to the merch store.

Redox Mug


Don’t let the office air conditioning give you chills! Get a Redox hoodie to keep at the office, and another for home! About $24 from each hoodie comes to Redox to help us create your favorite new OS! Clickable images below. Check the Size guide next to the Size selection to make sure you get the right size.

Redox Navy Hoodie Redox Black Hoodie Redox Red Hoodie Redox Blue Hoodie Redox Brown Hoodie


Of course our t-shirts are still available! Also now in Pink! About $14 per t-shirt goes to Redox development. Please check the size guide.

Redox Pink T-Shirt Redox Navy T-Shirt Redox Black T-Shirt Redox Grey T-Shirt Redox White T-Shirt Redox Cardinal T-Shirt

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