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Getting Started

We highly recommend that you start with the Book, as it describes how to set up and use Redox.


Book. A Book describing Redox’s design.

Kernel. Documentation for the Redox kernel.

Standard Library. Documentation for the Redox standard library.

Contributing to Redox

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Redox! There are many ways to help us out and we appreciate all of them.

Redox is a large project spread out across many repos which can be found in the Redox organization on GitHub. This document, is a guide to help newcomers contribute!

Communication and Chat

The quickest and most open way to communicate with the Redox team is on our chat server. Currently, the only way to join it is by sending an email to, which might take a little while, since it’s not automated. We’re currently working on an easier way to do this, but this is the most convenient way right now.

You can also find Redox on Reddit in /r/rust/ and /r/redox/. The weekly update news is posted on the former.


We follow the Rust Code of Conduct